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Forty Clarendon

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Care Instructions

Please Read Carefully

Hi beautiful,

Thank you for wearing Forty Clarendon Jewelry!

Your jewelry is made of real flowers that are 100% naturally preserved, therefore do not require refrigeration or water. However, like all real flowers, they are delicate so PLEASE handle with care:


-Keep your jewelry in its box when you are not wearing it.

- Keep the box away from direct sunlight, and high humidity areas.

- Forty Clarendon real flower jewelry is guaranteed for one wear.

- After the first wear the petals may naturally fall out, this is normal

Instructions to remove your flowers

Forty Clarendon Jewelry can still be worn after removing the fresh flowers:


Tweezers/ Nail Clippers, your pretty fingers.

1. Gently remove any of the remaining flowers

2. You will be left with a bare wire.

3. Tweeze or Clip open the loop to the attached jewelry

4. Remove the wire

5. Attach any pieces to finish off your jewelry.

Tweeze closed

7. Enjoy your Forty Clarendon Jewelry